Atlas for Bing Maps

Bing Maps Does a Lot—You Can Make It Do More

SpatialPoint Atlas makes deploying custom, web GIS applications simple. With Atlas, you get the proven scalability and reliability of the Microsoft Bing Maps platform combined with the functionality of robust GIS mapping engines. It’s an affordable, powerful, and effective way to deploy web-based mapping applications.

Enhance Business Mapping Apps

Customer service, asset tracking, infrastructure management, marketing automation and more—now you can do it all. With Atlas and Bing together you can integrate large data sets, display hundreds of thousands of points, and manage complex polygons (territories, boundaries, etc.) to ensure you have an online GIS application that meets your business needs.

Designed for Developers

SpatialPoint Atlas uses leading technologies including Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). This gives you a rich interactive experience without the hassle of maintaining a desktop application. And because Atlas is built on such a strong foundation, you can be sure your web based GIS application will meet your needs.

Atlas offers developers a service-based API. You can work with whatever language you’re most comfortable with, as long as it can consume web services. Use Atlas along with Microsoft Bing Maps. Learn more about licensing Microsoft Bing Maps from SpatialPoint.

GIS Web Expertise Not Required

That’s what SpatialPoint is here for. Atlas is designed to be easy to use, so whether you’re an experienced web based GIS professional or a developer with no mapping or online GIS experience, you’ll be able to get your web GIS application up and running quickly.

Flexible deployment options, including GIS hosting

Atlas can be deployed as a hosted web service or inside of your own firewall. We’ll work with you to find the solution that best meets your needs.

Don’t want to build it yourself?

Atlas is simple and easy to use, but some customers want us to build their own web GIS application. If that’s you, our expert team of consultants and online GIS developers can work with you to build an application tailored to your specifications. See our Services page.

Atlas Features Include:

*Features vary by version

  • Ability to work with millions of points and polygons efficiently
  • Ability to convert to and from industry leading GIS formats
  • Flexible map styles
  • Pan and zoom capabilities
  • Supports geocoding, find location, and routing
  • Thematic mapping
  • Drawing/selection/editing tools (multi-point/polygon/polyline, box, circle/radius)
  • Transaction and usage reporting
  • Layer control
  • Style control
  • Spatial operations such as find nearest, point in polygon, and intersections
  • Can be joined to external data sources such as SQL databases
  • Advanced spatial indexing
  • Querying based on the geometric relationships between shapes
  • Advanced style operations, such as layer transparency and opacity
  • Automatic label placement, overlap avoidance, label styles, fonts and colors
  • Small footprint and fast performance
  • .NET code samples provided
  • Minimal System Requirements for Deployment
  • Microsoft .NET Framework V 3.0 and above
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012

Ready for more?

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