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SpatialPoint offers customized applications that integrate business intelligence and mapping functionality. Using location-based data, companies can identify business growth opportunities such as choosing profitable locations for expansion, streamlining delivery routes and improving information sharing throughout your organization.

Location intelligence provides a more intuitive way to process and comprehend certain business information, enhancing your ability to analyze and discern critical trends and patterns. Users can aggregate real-time information from disparate databases and spreadsheets, and build individual ad hoc queries and formatted reports, then instantly transform the results into geographic maps.

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Pitney Bowes Spectrum Spatial

Quality data is the foundation for solid analysis and critical for data enhancement.  The SpectrumTM Technology Platform from Pitney Bowes offers enterprise scalability and centralized configuration and management to help you improve the quality, integration, accessibility and value of your information. It includes components, modules and applications that easily integrate with each other as well as your core CRM, ERP and legacy systems. Developing an accurate, single view of your customers allows you to improve customer relationships and create targeted offerings that generate better returns. These modular solutions enable organizations to optimize the performance of existing enterprise applica­tions, improve business processes and drive more intel­ligent decisions.

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