Locating Mobile Customers


The phone knows where it is located and this unleashes the power of LocationSmart.

LocationSmart’s system allows the network, call center, etc. to immediately know where a user’s phone is located. It enables IVR systems, roadside assistance, workforce management, dispatch, IT security, fleet and load tracking, gaming compliance, etc. It is secure and permission-based.

mobile1Mobile Location Applications

  • Store Locator—A permission based service to help mobile callers identify your closest store. The application can locate the caller and direct them to the nearest store. No need for the caller to know their current address or ZIP Code. Can be integrated with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) locator. Ideal for package drop-off, restaurants, retail, and others.
  • Retail Promotions—Send geo-targeted promotions to mobile subscribers when they are near your store location. Subscribers would opt-in to this service.
  • Call Centers/Assistance Services—Reduce call times and improve customer service by automatically locating a mobile caller and quickly dispatching a nearby service provider. Ideal for roadside assistance where 70% of calls for assistance come from mobile phones.
  • Workforce Management—Use the mobile workers’ location to facilitate automated job status and next-job assignment without a client handset requirement. You can monitor driver status in real time, improve driver productivity, and provide audit trails for dispute resolution and compliance.
  • Financial Services—Confirm legitimacy of card transactions by verifying that the bank card used is in appropriate proximity of a customer’s registered mobile phone.
  • Taxi or Car Service Dispatch—Locate the appropriate vehicle for the next pick-up, helping to optimize resources and efficiency while maximizing revenue opportunity.
  • IT Security—Protect corporate assets and mitigate fraud by authenticating secure user access to enterprise systems.

mobile2Advantages of the TechnoCom Mobile Location Platform

  • In the early 2000’s the FCC’s 911 mandate required mobile operators enhance their networks with the ability to locate wireless callers. TechnoCom leverages the wireless networks’ capabilities to locate landline and mobile phones based on the phone’s specific address, GPS coordinates, or serving cellular tower.
  • Supports location services for callers and phones from all of the U.S. Tier 1 wireless operators: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Combined with landline data, that’s more than 300 million mobile and landline phones and devices that your enterprise can serve with you location enhanced services.
  • Eliminates the complexity and expense associated with customers having to establish contracts with multiple carriers and connect to each carrier’s network.
  • A unified, flexible API provides access to the wireless carrier’s location and messaging pipelines and all platform services, helping to speed and simplify application development.
  • Highly available, scalable, and reliable platform ensures services are always available to callers.
  • Support for short messaging service (SMS), enterprise business rules and workflows, full privacy controls, and additional location attributes such as points-of-interest (POI), intersections, and others.

Benefits of TechnoCom Location Platform

  • Streamline call center operations and shorten call times.
  • Optimize use of messaging and data services for localized content delivery.
  • Improve customer retention through mobile touch points and service on-the-go.
  • Enable location-aware, device agnostic workforce management solutions.
  • Reduce operational costs for mobile enterprise applications.
  • Deliver brand building campaigns and inform customers of nearby locations.