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10pt_newWeb-based Locator Applications

An effective way to increase sales, enhance customer service, improve resource allocation and utilization, and reduce costs is to deploy an online locator application on your public-facing or internal web site.

Some of the highest regarded and recognizable brands trust SpatialPoint for their locator applications, including TCF Bank, T-Mobile, GMAC Insurance, M&T Bank, Council on Crime and Justice, Cincinnati Bell, Exxon Mobil, Marriott Hotels, Prudential Financial, and others. View our customers’ web based locator applications.

SpatialPoint’s locators are based on the Microsoft Bing Maps platform, giving users the most widely used features of web-based GIS solutions, with the simplicity and ease of use of a hosted web service. This combination allows you to achieve the highest value locator solutions at a low cost.

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Store & Dealer Locators
Web-based store locator software and driving direction software/service help people find your stores and business locations when they are ready to shop and buy. The smartest way to get more customers into your retail store, bank branch, franchise, use your ATM locations, or other business location is to offer an online store locator on your Web site. Store locators are essential for any company with multiple business locations.


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Coverage Locators
When selecting a wireless product, coverage is a key factor in the purchasing decision. Monitoring coverage is also critical to providing high quality customer service. Help customers select your products and services and improve your customer service function with a Coverage Locator.

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QUICK LOOK: Coverage Locator

QUICK LOOK: Coverage Locator

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Proximity Locator

lets you know where your business locations are in relation to where your customers and prospects are located, helping you improve target marketing, win more business, and provide better customer service.

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Impact Locators

Impact locators provide a simple way to perform what-if analysis. Can I open a new franchise at a given location? What will be the impact of taking on a new insurance policy here? Make complex decisions simple with an Impact Locator.

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Locating Mobile Callers for Improved Service and Efficiency

mobile2The ability to locate mobile customers and employees can enhance store locator, workforce management, roadside assistance, and other applications. The result is improved communication with customers or employees through interactive voice response (IVR) systems, human operator, or Web messaging. Learn More.

Speech Recognition / IVR Locator
Using speech and interactive voice recognition enhances your web-based store locator, saving time, money, and providing improved customer service.


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SpatialPoint offers Locators as a product or hosted Web service. Not sure which is right for you? Call 866.846.5900 to speak with a SpatialPoint specialist.