Speech Recognition / IVR Locator

An enhancement to your Web-based store locator that saves time, money, and provides improved customer service

Help customers and prospects easily find locations of your business and services when they are on the go and don’t have access to a computer. Just as you use a store locator on your Web site to drive customers and prospects to your stores, a Speech Recognition/IVR Locator system allows customers calling in to quickly and easily locate stores, service areas and more.

  • button_factsheetUsing a SpeechRecognition/IVR locator, you can:
  • Provide a valuable locator service to customers when they don’t have access to a computer
  • Significantly lower operational costs by reducing the number of calls that must be answered live
  • Free up staff to handle more complex customer inquiries
  • Gain efficiency and economies of scale using the same location database accessed by your Web-site’s store locator
  • Improve customer service by eliminating hold times and providing answers quickly
  • Understand caller demographics to better market your products and services

Speech Recognition/IVR LocatorA Better Calling Experience


With a Speech/IVR Locator system, callers dial your toll-free number from any landline or mobile phone and find your nearest location by speaking their ZIP Code, address, or telephone number. Or they can use their touchtone keypad to enter information.

Optionally, callers can be routed directly to their preferred location. The result is faster and better customer service, a better impression among customers of your brand, and lower call center costs.

100% Hosted Platform

SpatialPoint uses the Bing Maps for Enterprise platform to perform location lookups and analyze distances between the caller’s location and your business locations.

SpatialPoint also partners with leading Microsoft speech technology partners to handle all telephony configuration, hardware, and software technology. Our Speech/IVR Locator uses open standards and web services. It also integrates with the same location data you already use for your web-based store locator.

Call traffic to the Speech/IVR Locator is routed to our distributed fault-tolerant platform supported by our 24/7 Network Operations Center. All calls are logged and detailed record information is provided via reports or to help you learn more about your caller demographics.

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