Impact Locators to Guide Complex Business Decisions

Impact locators provide a simple way to perform what-if analysis. For example:

  • What happens if I open a new franchise at a given location?
  • What will be the impact of taking on a new insurance policy here?

Whether you’re an insurance company potential underwriting a new policy or a restaurant franchise looking to add a new location, you need to know what the impact is of adding a new location.

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SpatialPoint can tailor a solution to help you perform the what-if analysis to understand the effect of adding a new location. The benefits of Impact Locators include:

  • Compliance with contractual obligations — Companies that franchise their brands need to examine the impact of that adding a new location will have on existing locations and contractual obligations
  • Risk analysis and avoidance — Analyze the maximum probable loss in the event that a catastrophic event occurs. Avoid risk by ensuring franchisees do not infringe upon their franchise agreements.
  • Reduce costs — Reduce the time and expense associated with determining if a property can be added without violating a contractual agreement.

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