Proximity Locator Helps You Connect with Customers

Proximity Locator lets you know where your business locations are in relation to where your customers and prospects are located, helping you improve target marketing, win more business, and provide better customer service.

Who Uses Proximity Locators?

  • Banks — Proximity Locators show potential business customers convenient locations for night deposits and other services.
  • Hotels & Motels — Proximity Locators help win corporate travel business by showing how hotel locations and services can meet the needs of potential customers.
  • Healthcare — Proximity Locators show how facilities and providers in a healthcare network can meet the needs of a population.
  • Service Companies — Proximity Locators help any service company earn business by showing their locations are in convenient proximity to their customers.

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How Proximity Locator Works

Proximity Locator offers an intuitive Web-based user interface and works with the Microsoft Bing Maps platform over the Internet. We customize the interface to analyze the location attributes important to your business.

You can analyze an entire list of customer or prospect addresses by batch feeding the list into Proximity Locator. Or users such as call center agents can perform look-ups one at a time; for example, to direct customers to the nearest store or service center.

Your Whole Business Can Benefit

Proximity Locator is flexible and easy-to-use, with benefits for many areas of your business.


Quickly let prospective customers know you can serve their needs. For example, healthcare companies can show their network of providers in relation to the population served to prove adequate service coverage. Requests for proposals (RFPs) requiring this type of proximity information can be completed in a fraction of the time that manual analysis would require.

In addition, sales and service people can be located where they will reach the greatest number of customers and prospects.

All you need to know is the addresses or ZIP Codes of the customers or prospects you want to serve and Proximity Locator will perform the work for you.


Your marketing programs can get better results in terms of leads and sales by customizing materials with location-specific information. You can show prospects maps of the nearest store and include hours of operation and specific promotions for that location. Event promoters can plan where to hold an event by choosing a location convenient for the target audience to be invited.


Decisions such as where to re-locate your business are much easier to make using Proximity Locator. You can understand the impact of potential new locations on your employees or customers in terms of distance and drive times, helping ensure you select a site that is optimal.

Site Analysis

When planning on expanding or consolidating your network of stores or other business locations, you can quickly see where proposed sites are in relation to existing sites and existing customers.

Proximity Locator will produce reports and maps showing where your customers are located in relation to your stores. You will also be able to identify high-potential areas you are not serving that are ideal for expansion.

Territory Assignment

Quickly distribute leads to the right sales person or distributor by seeing whose territory a customer or prospect is located within.

Affordable and Effective

Some industry solutions can be cost prohibitive and force you to learn complex software. In contrast, Proximity Locator is affordable, easy to use and effective for fast and accurate location analysis.

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