MapPoint Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why is Bing my Internet Explorer Home Page now?

MapPoint layer controlA. MapPoint 2013 has an “additional features” install. If you left the default settings, MapPoint installed a WindowsLive toolbar, made Bing your default search page in Internet Explorer and your Internet Explorer Home page. You can always change your default browser home page back to anything you choose by using the Internet Properties function of the browser.

Q. Can I open MapPoint 2013 maps in older versions of MapPoint?

A. No. Opening files from earlier versions converts the files to the MapPoint 2013 format and may change some of the existing formatting. Also, note that files from earlier versions of MapPoint may not open properly. You should back up any files from earlier versions of MapPoint before opening them in MapPoint 2013. When you open a map created in any earlier version of MapPoint, the document will be converted for use in MapPoint 2013. Once it is in MP 2013 format, it cannot be opened by older versions of MapPoint.

Q.   Can I show or hide all my pushpins at one time?

MapPoint territory managementA. Yes! MapPoint 2013 has the ability to show or hide all pushpin sets at once. Simply right-click on the pushpin legend to reveal the shortcut menu and select “Hide all pushpin sets” or “Show all pushpin sets.” to turn them back on.  To hide an individual pushpin set, right-click on the pushpin set name in the legend to reveal the shortcut menu.  Select “Hide pushpin set” or “Show pushpin set” to turn it back on.

Q.   Can I turn off the labels or roads in my map?

A. MapPoint 2013 allows you to customize your map settings to view only the data you want to display on your map. Using the new “Map Settings” icon, you can choose what layers of data to show or hide. This includes roads, cities, boundaries and misc. features like water and forest areas.

Q. What do the SpatialPoint’s Add-Ins do?

MapPoint demographic mapsA. The SpatialPoint PowerPoint Add-In tool will copy your map and legend windows out of MapPoint and will paste them into a PowerPoint presentation. The tool will also create a title for the map. The Large Image Export AddIn will create a high-definition image of your map so that you can print your map to a plotter or other large format printer, without losing resolution.

Q. Why are the icons on my toolbars black & white?

A. MapPoint 2013 has been changed to more closely resemble Windows 8 Metro style, so the icons were updated to the new black & white theme.

Q. The icons are so big that I don’t have much room for my map. Can I resize them?

A. Yes, from the “View” Menu, select Toolbars and deselect “Large buttons.”

Q. Why should I use MapPoint instead of free maps on the Internet?

data for MapPointA. Although MapPoint maps can be seen on the Internet at sites such as Yahoo, running MapPoint locally gives users ultimate convenience in locating destinations, finding nearby places, and integrating maps into their day-to-day business. MapPoint launches and locates addresses instantly, avoiding slow Internet connections or the inability to get the right-sized maps for the users’ needs. The print options in MapPoint offer unique flexibility and precision in representing data and locations. The multiple layout options also can be used to visualize where users are going with turn-by-turn directions.

Q. How can MapPoint help me do my job better?

A. MapPoint helps you better visualize your business information, making it easier for you to locate customers and competition, analyze data and business trends, discover risks and opportunities, and communicate business decisions clearly and effectively. Identify new business opportunities by combining business data with included demographics to target potential customers and focus decisions. MapPoint maps are high-quality and precise, allowing visual representation and data analysis that will impress your colleagues, customers & prospects.

Q. How is MapPoint different from Microsoft Streets & Trips?

MapPoint thematic mapsA. MapPoint includes all the routing capabilities and points of interest content of Streets & Trips, but is predominantly a business mapping application. Streets & Trips does not include business data mapping. Only MapPoint contains the analysis capabilities that enable business users to plot database information and analyze business and demographic information on a map to identify key trends in their businesses.

Q. What are the minimum system requirements for MapPoint 2013?

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista®, Windows Server® 2008 (32 bit) or Windows XP (32 bit)
  • 1 GB RAM for 32 bit OS, 2 GB RAM for 64 bit OS, 256MB RAM for Windows XP
  • Available hard-disk space: 2.1 GB
  • For installation: DVD drive or high speed Internet access
  • 1024 X 768 or higher resolution monitor 

Additional Feature Requirements

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 required to use Send To features
  • Broadband Internet service (connect time charges may apply)
  • GPS device that supports NMEA 2.0 or later and USB port
  • Internet Explorer (will not displace your primary browser)
  • Some features will not work with the 64 bit version of Microsoft Office 2010

Q. Where else can I go for help in using MapPoint 2013?

MapPoint drive timeA. There is a Tutorial included in MapPoint that will walk you through the basic functions of the program, as well as show you how to link & import data and create maps. From the MapPoint Help Menu, select “MapPoint Tutorial” to run. The sample data for use with the tutorial is installed when you install MapPoint.


Q.   Does MapPoint 2013 include Census data from the 2010 Census?

A.   MapPoint 2013 does not include Census data from the 2010 Census.  At the time MapPoint 2013 was released, the 2010 Census data was still being processed. It includes 2000 Census data with projections to 2007 across a number of demographic variables.


Q.   Can I show or hide my pushpin information all at one time?

A.   Yes. MapPoint 2013 has the ability to show or hide a pushpin set’s pushpin information (balloon) all at once. Simply right-click on the pushpin set name in the legend to reveal the shortcut menu and select “Show all pushpin information.”  Since the pushpin balloons can contain quite a bit of information, MapPoint 2013 also has the ability to show just the pushpin names.  Right-click on the pushpin set name in the legend to reveal the shortcut menu.  Select “Show all pushpin names.”


Q.   What does MapPoint 2013 North America cover in terms of geography?

A.   MapPoint 2013 includes detailed geographic coverage for the United States, Canada, and Mexico (no address find). Mapping coverage outside of those regions is limited to political boundaries and populated places. MapPoint NA includes demographic and consumer profile variables in the United States from data supplied by Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc. (AGS). Microsoft provides additional country-level variables around the world. Currently, MapPoint software does not include Canadian variables.

MapPoint also comes with a complete Help file, located under the Help menu, as well as a link to MapPoint Help on the Microsoft web site.

SpatialPoint also provides technical support which can be purchased on a ‘per-incident’ basis, or is provided as a benefit of attending one of our training courses.


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