Online GIS & Web Mapping Application Hosting

The benefits of having SpatialPoint host your online GIS and web mapping applications include faster deployment, lower startup costs, internal IT resource savings, and access at all times to the most current versions of software and data for all of your users. We will host application software and data on secure servers in our data centers and provide secure connections for your users and the complete functionality of Bing Enterprise Maps.

Hosting features include:

  • Dedicated Dell servers in a variety of configurations.
  • Virtual Dedicated Servers, based on VMWare and Microsoft’s latest Hype-V virtualization technology allowing you to scale rapidly and take advantage of redundant server clusters.
  • Managed Services to ensure you have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. From managed firewalls and intrusion detection to load balancing and storage solutions, you’ll find a full range of additional services. All managed services can be easily added to your dedicated server.
  • Customizable hosting solutions to fit your IT budget and needs.