Accurate wireless coverage information on high-quality maps

Gain a better view of the wireless service market. CoverageViewer combines the marketed wireless coverage areas of every major US wireless carrier with detailed and cartographically superior MapPoint maps to enable quick visual analysis and compelling presentations.

Who Uses CoverageViewer?

  • Wireless Carriers that need to identify roaming partners, view network resources or analyze competitors coverage.

  • Merger and Acquisition Analysts who need to visualize “what if” scenarios based on coverage for presentations.

  • OEM Manufacturers such as equipment and accessory manufacturers for the wireless industry.

  • Fortune 500 companies that contract with wireless service providers over large geographic areas.

  • Retailers who can now easily show potential customers coverage for a wireless provider.


Important Functionality

  • Enter any address or ZIP Code and view the wireless coverage in that area. For each carrier offering service, you can see coverage boundaries and identify spectrum and network technology.

  • Compare the coverage of multiple wireless service providers for any geographic area or region in the US.

  • Perform quick ‘What if’ analyses of combined coverage areas to support merger and acquisition processes.

  • Import your own point files such as store, tower or customer locations to view assets in relation to coverage.

CoverageViewer Options

  • CoverageViewer includes coverage information for the Tier 1 wireless service providers in the US. Optionally, you can choose a comprehensive package containing coverage for all wireless service providers.

  • Coverage data can be updated quarterly, semi-annually or annually, depending on your needs.

Includes MapPoint 2009

With CoverageViewer you get a full copy of Microsoft MapPoint 2009. This popular and affordable mapping program provides detailed, accurate and visually appealing maps, along with street address, ZIP Code, City, County and Census boundary information for the entire US.

MapPoint is also packed with hundreds of demographic variables for creating shaded and other theme maps. You can also perform routing, create sales territories and more.

Affordable and Effective

Some industry solutions can be cost prohibitive and force you to learn complex software. In contrast, CoverageViewer is affordable, easy to use and effective for fast and accurate visual analysis of wireless coverage areas.

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